Did you know that different coloured roses have different meanings?

Red - love and respect

White – True love, Purity, Dignity and Chastity.

Pink – Good luck, Happiness, Gratitude and Virtue.

Orange – Longing,  Appreciation and Sympathy.

Yellow – Intimate, Friendship and Solidarity.


The combination of Red and White roses together express the desire to always be together.

One single rose of any colour in a big bouquet of flowers means “You are my one and only Love!”


Did you know that all roses come with an outer petal called a guard petal?

All roses naturally grow with a slighty green or brown outer petal. These are a vital part of the rose which protects the flower as it blooms and is in no way detrimental to the quality of your bouquet. We leave these intact to protect all our roses and give them the longest life possible. As the rose blooms the petals will become less visible but if you really do not like them then they can be easily pulled off.

Caring for your roses to get the longest vase life from them.

-         Make sure you use a clean vase and fill with clean tap water.

-         Add the cut flower food which will have been provided.

-         Cut or trim 3 to 5cm off the bottom of the stem diagonally with secatures or a good pair of scissors.

-         Make sure there are no leaves in below the water line.

-         Regularly top the vase up with water.

-         Do not place the roses in a draught, in full sunlight, near a source of heat or a fruit bowl.